First Two Clips from ‘Killing Them Softly’ Starring Brad Pitt

The film previously known as Cogan’s Trade is now titled Killing Them Softly, and it’s the latest film from Andrew Dominik, the director of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, which got huge critical praise a few years ago.  Dominik is hard at work finishing up his latest film, and now clips are starting to come out for the film.  The first one is a few days old, but it’s still a fun clip and a good look at the tone of the film.

The second film clip is embedded with a bunch of others in a long video on Festival de Cannes‘ website, which you can check out right here. (unfortunately, you have to skip to 18 min 12 seconds to get to the Killing Them Softly clip)

The second clip features Pitt and gives the viewer the explanation for where the title comes from, which is something Andrew Dominik touched on.  He said the film was always going to be called Killing Them Softly, but he didn’t want to psyche Pitt out on the delivery of that line, so he called it Cogan’s Trade in the meantime.  Dominik said:

“There’s a danger that the actor might make a meal out of the line” and said that Cogan’s Trade “kind of sounds like a Clint Eastwood title…from 1972.”

He said he eventually they went with Killing Them Softly because it sounded like “an actual movie”.  The film premieres on Tuesday at the Cannes Film Festival, so we’ll see some early opinions later this week I’m sure.

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