First TV Spot For ‘Man Of Steel’


Zack Snyder‘s upcoming DC comic book adaptation of Superman, titled Man of Steel, is slowly increasing its advertising and awareness around the world. The film is scheduled for a release on June 14th and up until now I think only the die-hards and film buffs have really been attracted to the project.

The general audience still hasn’t really weighed in on their thoughts of a darker and much more serious version of Superman, similar to Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight trilogy.

Nolan’s a producer this time around, with director Zack Snyder coming off of the massive disappointment Sucker Punch and the poorly received Watchmen adaptation (which is my all-time favorite comic book movie).

I think together the two will strike gold and bring the Superman character back up to the top, resting directly next to Batman and not below him.

The full-length trailer for the film really sold me and now today we’ve got the first official TV spot, which is basically the same trailer, but cut down to size, with a few brief new shots added in.

I like it, but I’ve liked it since I saw the trailer. We should be getting a new full-length trailer shortly, so keep checking back for it!

Here’s the TV spot below:

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