First Trailer For Zach Braff’s ‘Garden State’ Follow-Up, ‘Wish I Was Here’


I’ve never seen Zach Braff‘s Garden State, so I can’t really comment on Braff’s abilities as a filmmaker and only on his acting skills, which I’ve only seen a handful of times. I have no opinion on Braff, even after that whole Kickstarter debacle that surrounded his upcoming film, Wish I Was Here.

Braff crowd sourced the film, meaning that audience members actually paid for the production of it and not him and his producers, which can be seen as both a good and a bad thing. I give him credit for doing whatever it takes to get his vision and story told, but I also frown on stars that are big enough to fund their own projects, but end up relying on the fans to do so.

Anyways, the first trailer for Wish I Was Here is out and my first reactions aren’t that strong. There’s a lot of great visuals on display and a hint at the film’s story and deeper meanings, but not much is said and because of that, not much is felt on my part.

I’ll see the film if I have the chance, but I won’t be standing in line for it or contributing to any sort of crowd sourced funding to get a chance to view it.



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