First Trailer For Stephen S. DeKnight’s ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Has Appeared

Listen, I’m a really big fan of Guillermo del Toro‘s original Pacific Rim. I hold that film close to my heart as an epic action-packed spectacle that understands both story and scope. Del Toro created a robo-monster movie that felt larger-than-life and fun in a way that grabs you in and takes you on an adventurous rollercoaster ride.

Stephen S. DeKnight‘s sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising looks cool, but not nearly as master-crafted as the original. There’s something about the framing of the camera and the reveal of the suits and monsters that looks and feels cheap and more Transformers than anything.

I’m excited that Charlie Day is returning and I’m even excited to see John Boyega act outside of a Star Wars film, but I’m worried that Uprising is only being made to please international numbers and nothing else.

I like the trailer, despite the confusing and unexplained storyline, but I’m worried that del Toro’s skills behind the lens are going to be visibly absent.

None the less, I hope for nothing but the best.

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