First Trailer For Rob Zombie’s Latest Horror Film ’31’

Rob Zombie is a horror director that I once cared for. I really enjoyed The Devil’s Rejects and I was also one of the few that didn’t mind his take on Halloween. But then he had to make that horrid sequel, followed by The Lords of Salem.

Since then, Zombie has really fallen off my list as must-watch directors, yet I can’t help but hope that his latest film, 31, ends up returning him to his gory and visual roots.

His films often look like gorgeously sick and sadistic music videos, yet they sometimes have less of a story, yet a running time that’s the length of at least 10 music videos. His visual skills behind the lens of a camera keep growing, yet his storytelling keeps getting weaker and weaker.

Will 31 break his cold streak or has the director drifted out too far to be rescued?


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