First Trailer For ‘Ouija: Origin Of Evil’ Is Laughably Bad

I remember walking out of Ouija mostly surprised by how not completely awful it was. (I’m probably going to regret that statement later) Sure, it wasn’t great by any means, but I actually thought it featured a decent amount of solid PG-13 jump scares.

Not enough to warrant a sequel though.

That hasn’t stopped writer-director Michael Flanagan from returning with Ouija: Origin of Evil, which features a laughably bad first trailer.

There’s your trademark creepy little girl, not to mention the jump scares that come with that. The only good part features a little boy slingshotting himself in the face, which was admittedly more entertaining ┬áthan it probably should’ve been.

Will you be wasting your money on this one or do you prefer to burn it in campfires?


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