First Trailer For Ti West’s Latest Horror Film The Innkeepers

Ti West is one horror director that you must keep an eye on. He came out of nowhere with the slow as molasses, but very effective The House of the Devil in 2009 and then he went on to direct the unneeded Cabin Fever sequel, that had some post-production problems that involved West wanting to get his named removed from the project altogether. Now, he’s been working on an entry in The ABCs of Death with The Innkeepers already in the bag and ready for release. The film has been making its rounds at several film festivals and the word has been strong.

For those of us that enjoyed The House of the Devil it looks like The Innkeepers is the perfect follow up. The first trailer is online and it looks to share that same slow-burn tension build up as The House of the Devil, but with an even bigger pay off!

Sara Paxton and Paul Healy star as the last two clerks to close down an old hotel that’s supposed to be haunted. The trailer does a great job revealing the scares with musical cues and impressive visuals.

Ti West‘s The Innkeepers will be hitting VOD on December 30th, 2011, followed by a theatrical release from Magnet on February 3rd, 2012.

Check out the spooky trailer below, thanks to First Showing

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