First Trailer for ‘This is 40’ from Judd Apatow

In a movie that is being referred to as a “character sequel”, everyone’s favorite fighting married couple consisting of Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann (wife of writer/director Judd Apatow) returns to the screen 7 years after first appearing in Knocked Up.  The film isn’t exactly a sequel, as it doesn’t follow the events of Knocked Up, instead it tells the story of these characters all these years later, including Apatow’s real life daughters (now tween and teen, respectively).  I suppose the biggest thing that made this movie viable was not only the massive success of Knocked Up, but the new leading man status of Paul Rudd, who only recently began headlining his own films, to moderate success.

I’m sure the film was made cheap enough that even if only a quarter of Knocked Up‘s audience came to see the film it will be considered a success, but it’s nice to see little passion movies coming from someone like Apatow, who has seemingly had his hand in every successful comedy the past few years since The 40 Year Old Virgin made him the world’s top comedy director.

Some have found the trailer underwhelming, I think it’s more low-key than Knocked Up, but that works because it’s about different main characters, although I won’t be surprised at all if Seth Rogen pops up somewhere in the film, although we can doubt Katherine Heigl will have anything to do with the movie.  Without further ado, check for yourself:

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