First Trailer For ‘The Purge: Election Year’ Expands The Universe

James DeMonaco‘s The Purge series is an interesting one, because each film brings an entirely new vibe to the mix. I loved the concept of the first film, but thought that it was rather uninspiring given the plot and cast acquired.

I honestly thought that DeMonaco just couldn’t do much better either, which is why I sort of dismissed the Frank Grillo-starring sequel titled The Purge: Anarchy, only to be pleasantly surprised by it.

It turned the futuristic horror series into an 80s revenger that gave me a dose of The Punisher that I’ve been begging Marvel for.

And now DeMonaco is back with The Purge: Election Year, which looks to expand the universe even more, bringing back Grillo as he protects a front-runner for a presidential campaign.

I’m honestly excited to see if DeMonaco is able to shake things up yet again and give us a series that possibly could go on forever as long as they have it in them to continue writing unique stories that all take place on the crazed night.


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