First Trailer for ‘The Giant Mechanical Man’

Today, Yahoo! has revealed the first trailer for the upcoming comedy The Giant Mechanical Man, starring Jenna Fischer as a girl wandering through life who befriends a street performer while searching for love as a zoo worker.  She befriends a self-help author (Topher Grace) and a fellow zoo worker (Chris Messina) while searching for love.  The film also stars Malin Ackerman, Lucy Punch, and Bob Odenkirk in supporting roles.  The film was written and directed by Lee Kirk, Jenna Fischer’s fiance and father of her child.

The trailer isn’t much of anything beyond what passes for an “indie” romantic comedy, with characters that are archetypal and the laughs seemingly are designed to inspire no more than a chuckle here or there.  If you like your movies heartwarming though, I suppose this might be one that resonates, but not on the same level as Little Miss Sunshine, which it seems every quirk comedy is trying to be even 6 years later.

(Trailer via Yahoo! Movies)

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