First Trailer for ‘Stripped’

If you aren’t yet aware of Brent Tarnol, you soon will be.  The writer/actor has appeared in various movies and TV shows up to this point, including a role in Project X, but along with his brother (and often producer) Jarret Tarnol, Brent is primed to break out as a star very soon.

His latest movie, Stripped may provide him with just that opportunity.  From the looks of it, the film starts out as a Hangover style trip to Las Vegas that ends up taking a horrific turn for the worst when the group of friends involved decides to meet up with some strippers for a little adult fun.

This is the first trailer, and I have no information other than what the trailer provides, but the trailer already has over 1 million hits on YouTube in the first month it’s been live, so it’s definitely something that more than a few people are interested in checking out.

Stripped is written by Andrew Caldwell (one of the stars of College), the film is directed by J.M.R. Luna and stars Nicole Sienna, Carson Aune, Alvaro Orlando, Brent Tarnol and Josh Cole, and was produced by Tommy Kijas and Josh Cole.  As we learn more details, like a release date, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

For now, check out the crazy trailer:

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