First Trailer For Sound Of My Voice Starring Brit Marling

Last year actress/writer Brit Marling made a splash on the film festival scene with two indie sci-fi films. The first was Another Earth, which dealt with two planets (Earth and Earth II; a mirrored planet) slowly drawing closer and closer. It also dealt with a teenage girl that made a life-changing mistake and is left paying the consequences. The trailer was fantastic, but the film had its fair share of problems.

The second sci-fi film is Sound of My Voice, which also stars Brit Marling and is directed by Zal Batmanglij. The concept sounds like something that could work really well, especially as an independent sci-fi film, but the trailer doesn’t reveal nearly enough to capture your full attention.

I’m hoping Sound of My Voice is a reversal of Another Earth in terms of marketing. Another Earth had an excellent trailer, while the film turned out as kind of a disappointment. Sound of My Voice has a lacking debut trailer, but hopefully the end result is far more impressive.

Fox Searchlight will be releasing the film on April 27th, 2012

Check out the trailer below, via Apple.

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