First Trailer For ‘Skylin3s’ Promises To Close Out ‘Skyline’ Trilogy

The Skyline series is one group of films that I find mighty fascinating. For starters, the first film, directed by The Brothers Strause, was this micro-budget self-contained little alien flick that was made by the duo sometime during their work on Battle Los Angeles, which raised some huge conflict of interest questions as they were doing the special effects on that film while stepping aside and making their own little flick for a fraction of the budget, yet something that looked just as good if not better, from an FX standpoint.

Sadly, the actual film was a letdown, despite featuring some really cool alien designs and a neat concept — there just wasn’t enough material to warrant a full-length feature, despite being an FX demo reel.

Enter Liam O’Donnell, one of the co-writers of Skyline and now director and writer of the sequel, Beyond Skyline and now the third entry, Skylin3s. O’Donnell’s connection with this series is key as he managed to make a sequel that’s leaps and bounds better than the first film, featuring Frank Grillo and Iko Uwais. O’Donnell’s writing is what enhanced Beyond Skyline, making for a unique story that is uses the invasion as a backdrop and eventual focal point.

Now, O’Donnell is returning, this time with Lindsey Morgan, Rhona Mitra and Alexander Siddig.

Skylin3s is looking to be the closer for this now-trilogy and it’s showing off yet another cool angle for this series to go, in which the humans take the fight to the alien home world.

I love that creature designs from the first and second film are present here, with even more exploration into the alien race that is now notorious.

Skylin3s looks like a load of fun and if it’s half as good as Beyond Skyline, then count me in for a ticket or a VOD rental.

The trailer can be viewed over on io9. Thoughts?

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