First Trailer For Peter Berg’s ‘Spenser Confidential’, Starring Mark Wahlberg & Winston Duke

I don’t know what it is about Netflix movies, but they almost always look cheap and predictable, despite some being kind of good.

Michael Bay himself dropped a Netflix movie a month or two ago, which was full of expensive set pieces and explosions, yet even the trailer for that one looked kind of lame.

The same can be said for Peter Berg‘s latest film, Spenser Confidential. Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke star as two guys recently released from prison that get caught up in some shady stuff that involves the cops, some politicians and a slew of gang-bangers.

Their odd pairing is supposed to highlight the film’s comedic chops, while both prove to handle the action just fine.

Director Peter Berg is so hit-or-miss, occasionally delivering something great (see Deepwater Horizon or Patriots Day), but also dropping stinkers like Battleship.

I hope his latest is good, but I can’t say that the trailer has me hyped by any means.

What about you?

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