First Trailer For Marlon Wayans ‘Fifty Shades Of Black’ Is Here

If you make a movie that’s the least bit successful or has some sort of following, then prepare for former funny man Marlon Wayans to somehow spoof it.

He’s done ’em all and he will continue to do so until his films make absolutely no money at all. I doubt that’s ever going to happen, because Wayans is a smart man and knows how to capitalize on his budgets.

His latest spoof is Fifty Shades of Black and honestly it looks dumb and exactly like the low-brow stuff we’ve come to expect from Wayans. I’ll admit that I still want to check it out, because I do enjoy the first two Scary Movie films and feel like Wayans can do smart R-rated spoofing if given the right material.

Is Fifty Shades of Grey the right material? Probably not.

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