First Trailer For Lynn Shelton’s ‘Touchy Feely’

touchy feely

One of the most promising films to stem from this year’s Sundance Film Festival is Lynn Shelton’s upcoming drama Touchy Feely starring Rosemarie DeWitt and Ellen Page. TheWrap has posted the first official trailer for the film. Check it out below.

Rosemarie DeWitt, who worked with Lynn Shelton on Your Sister’s Sister, stars as Abby, a free-spirited massage therapist who suddenly develops an uncontrollable aversion to bodily contact. This sudden aversion makes her occupation impossible and hinders the love life with her boyfriend (Scoot McNairy). Ellen Page also appears in the film as Jenny, the emotionally stunted daughter of Abby’s struggling brother Paul (Josh Pais).

Although some may feel this looks like a typical indie drama, I think this one has great potential to turn out to be a surprise. Writer and director Lynn Shelton is on the rise and her underrated film Your Sister’s Sister is a fantastic “little” film. In fact, Your Sister’s Sister was deservedly placed in my top five favorite films of last year.

Touchy Feely is going to be released in theaters on September 6th. What do you think of the trailer?

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