First Trailer For George Clooney’s Netflix Space Drama ‘The Midnight Sky’ Has Landed

It looks like George Clooney is heading back to space, after having already starred in some of the best space movies in existence — I am looking at you Solaris remake and of course, Gravity.

Now, not only is Clooney starring in this space drama, but he’s also directing it, based on the novel by Lily Brooks-Dalton, which was adapted by Mark L. Smith.

The Midnight Sky focuses on Clooney’s character as he attempts to warn a space station full of astronauts not to come back to Earth, which has suffered a severe and mysterious global catastrophe.

The film will be debuting exclusively on Netflix this December, which means you can likely expect it to be viewable in crisp 4K Dolby Vision, as well as a Dolby ATMOS audio mix.

I for one am a sucker for space dramas, especially ones focused on one character as they attempts to “save the world” while also save themselves from whatever emotional scarring clearly took place.

Raise your hand if you think that little girl in the trailer is either his dead daughter or an imaginary guide that motivates him to contact a crew that might already be long gone? This is of course a guess coming from someone that hasn’t bothered looking into what the book is about, nor has any idea what this movie is about, outside of this very trailer.

Check it out down below and let us know in the comments if you plan on watching it once it debuts.

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