First Trailer for Don Coscarelli’s “John Dies at the End”!

The first trailer for Don Coscarelli’s new film, an adaptation of David Wong’s novel John Dies at the End has hit the net today.  Wong, a writer for Cracked released the novel last year to much acclaim, and Coscarelli quickly hopped on the property.  It seems movement has been slow up to this point on the film, but now it looks finished, so we can all just await a release date at this point, which is listed as sometime in 2012.

See the trailer for yourself:

Interesting, no?  Our very own David has read the book, and he absolutely loved it, said it’s dark and hilarious at the same time, which is often when Coscarelli is doing his best work, when things get weird and funny.  His first film since Bubba Ho-Tep  nearly 10 years ago, it’s good to see Coscarelli back in the director’s chair behind a very interesting project, and the kicker is Paul Giamatti, who seems to never be off his game.

What do you think?  Too strange?  Has anyone read the novel?  Let us know!

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