First Trailer for ‘Dark Shadows’ Starring Johnny Depp

The first trailer for Tim Burton‘s Dark Shadows film starring Johnny Depp finally has a first theatrical trailer to give fans a glimpse of what the film will look like.  After seeing the trailer, I have to say Burton chose to incorporate a lot of the camp inherent in the original series, and the cult following that loves it.  The film is set in 1972, the year after the Dark Shadows TV series stopped airing.

Johnny Depp looks good in the make up, but I’m afraid that there is too much attempted comedy in the trailer, and it’s an indication that the film will be more like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory than Sleepy Hollow, which I think is a good example of where Burton’s career has gone the past few years, forgoing the darker elements of his films for cheesy laughs and a wider audience.  Being that the show has a cult following to begin with, and the Burton/Depp combo has proven  profitable time and again, I have confidence the film will do well monetarily, I just have no clue if it will be any fun to watch.  The film comes out from Warner Brothers May 11th, 2012.

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