First Trailer For ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Looks…Different

Alita: Battle Angel is a fairly new project to me — I honestly had no idea that Avatar‘s James Cameron has been developing the project for years and that his writing/producing credit was once going to also be a directing credit.

But, he’s too busy with Avatar sequels, which is why Sin City and Machete director Robert Rodriguez is stepping up to bring this one to the big screen.

Rodriguez has lost his touch over the years, directing truly awful films with absolutely no visual flare or excitement, but I’m still holding out for Alita, if only because it looks like something different in a time where we’re mostly getting more of the same.

It’s based on a manga that I’ve never read (and probably never will) and it features enough names to warrant a sizable one-sheet poster.

What are your thoughts on the film? Is it too high concept sci-fi for you or are you welcoming the unique vibes?

I’m not as offended by the heavy use of CGI for the main actress as some are, but I can see the complaints. If it works to better the story, then lets just see what they do with it.

Alita: Battle Angel opens up next summer.

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