First Trailer For 4K IMAX Movie ‘In Saturn’s Rings’ Looks Spectacular


I love space. I love IMAX movies. What’s better than combining the two? Nothing, really.

The latest IMAX feature, In Saturn’s Rings, is here with a teaser trailer that is absolutely spectacular. If the visuals don’t impress you then perhaps the facts will? The film is massive — so massive that you can view the trailer in 4K resolution if your screen supports it.

Also, it was shot using over a million real photographs, opposed to 2D/3D CGI or special effects.

This is the real deal, folks.

I remember getting blown back in my seat while watching Hubble 3D not too long ago and now I’m counting down until the film’s 2014 release, because I love learning about space and being able to experience it on such a gigantic screen is just icing on the cake.

Check out the trailer below:

Are you fan of IMAX documentaries? Does this one interest you at all?


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