‘Why Him?’ Red Band Trailer Brings Plenty Of R-Rated Laughter From James Franco & Bryan Cranston

Why¬†Him? sounds like a film that we’ve all seen before, only this time with James Franco and Bryan Cranston. In fact, the trailer initially brought me back to the Meet the Parents days, which I enjoyed until the barrage of sequels went and ruined all of the good that De Niro and Stiller came up with.

Yet watching the trailer for Why Him? has me laughing and looking forward to the film, despite the familiar premise.

Is it because Franco plays the perfect douchebag weirdo or perhaps is it because Cranston hasn’t really had an opportunity to sink his teeth into a role in quite sometime?

I’m guessing probably both, because their chemistry is what makes this trailer absolutely work.

Why Him? opens on Christmas Day.

Check out the totally NSFW red band trailer up above.

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