First Trailer And Images For ‘Breathe In’ Starring Guy Peace And Felicity Jones

breathe in

Director Drake Doremus, who has directed low budget indie comedies such as 2009’s Spooner and 2010’s Douchebag, achieved success and turned heads with the beautiful romance drama Like Crazy. Doremus proved with the film that he has talent and is a filmmaker to keep an eye on as he continues to progress. His latest film Breathe In looks like a definite progression. The Guardian has revealed an impressive first trailer. Check out the trailer and new images below.

Breathe In stars Guy Pearce as Keith, a former musician and current music teacher who has settled into his life with his wife Megan (Amy Ryan). When their daughter decides to host a British exchange student named Sophie (Felicity Jones), Keith and his life as a repressed family man comes to a halt as boundaries are crossed.

The drama premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival where it received positive reviews. Rodrigo Perez from The Playlist wrote that the film is “emotionally poignant and heartbreaking”. This doesn’t surprise me in the very least as that is what I’d expect from Doremus, whose last film Like Crazy was beautifully heartbreaking.

breathe in 1

breathe in 2

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Breathe In arrives in UK cinemas on July 19th. A release date in the U.S. has yet to be announced but I’m sure it will be released before the end of the year. What do you think of the trailer?

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