First Theatrical Trailer For ‘The Sapphires’


Last October I had the pleasure of viewing Wayne Blair‘s The Sapphires when it was playing at the 2012 Twin Cities Film Fest. I enjoyed it and if I had to rank it I’d say it was the second best film I saw at the festival (trailing behind David Spaltro‘s Things I Don’t Understand).

The Sapphires has a great blend of comedy and drama, with not one outweighing the other until maybe the film’s third act. It’s a gradual transition and one that fits the film perfectly. The star of the flick is Bridesmaids and Girls’ Chris O’Dowd and he for the most part makes The Sapphires stick as a comedy. The girls in the film help sell the soul and the drama and everything else that launches The Sapphires onto the list of films you should probably get out and see this year.

The Weinstein Company has plans to release it on March 22nd, 2013.

Check out the trailer below:

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