First Teaser Trailer for David Cronenberg’s ‘Cosmopolis’

David Cronenberg is back after the lukewarm reception to his last film A Dangerous Method (review here), with the adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel Cosmopolis.  The film follows a multimillionaire on a surreal odyssey through Manhattan over a 24 hour period.  Much ado has been made over the casting of Robert Pattinson as the main character Eric  Packer, and this will be the first litmus test for the young actor for many critics, as most of his work before this has catered to a specific audience.  While many may complain, please remember that Ryan Gosling started his career the same way with The Notebook, and since, he has become one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood.

As the day progresses, Eric Packer loses his fortune betting against the yen, while being followed by a pair of assassins, and has chance encounters with his wife at different locations throughout the city.   This is only a French teaser trailer, and not much footage is shown in the 34 seconds, but what is shown gives you a glimpse at the Cronenbergian weirdness that the film will surely be full of.  The film comes out May 12th, 2012, once we know how wide the release will be, we will pass it on to you.

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