First Teaser Poster For Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla Reboot Directed By Gareth Edwards

I almost completely forgot about the Godzilla reboot that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are working on. The film is being directed by Monsters director Gareth Edwards and it won’t be making its way to US soil until 2014.

Legendary surprised Comic-Con with a reveal teaser poster and trailer. The trailer is being described as a realistic and more grounded take on the popular monster, with Edwards going on to say that he wanted to capture what would really happen if a monster came up from the sea and started terrorizing many.

The poster is classy and simple, but that’s really all we need at this point.

I can’t wait until the footage makes its way online, because I’m really in the mood for a giant monster destroying giant buildings and leaving dozens of bodies in its path! It sounds epic and massive and a hundred times better than the Matthew Broderick/Roland Emmerich junk from the late 90s.

Check out the poster below:

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