First Teaser Clip for P.T. Anderson’s ‘The Master’

After getting our first minor glimpse of Phillip Seymour Hoffman in P.T. Anderson’s The Master, we now have the first teaser clip.  Thank Cannes for all the promotional material coming out on so many films, unfortunately, the rest of us won’t be able to see the film until October 12th, but check out the teaser below to get a look at what the film will at least look  like aesthetically.

It’s a great look at Joaquin Phoenix‘s character and what type of man he is, and we can see already how he will play into the hands of Phillip Seymour Hoffman‘s character, a religious leader.  I’m most interested in the processing Anderson is using, it gives the film that strange 50’s look from films of the time period, and it gives everything a strange sense of grittiness.  Keep an eye out for a full trailer, I’m sure it will hit the internet in the coming weeks.

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