First Pic From ‘London Has Fallen’

London Has Fallen is still happening and even if it ends up being half as good as the original film, well then it’ll be a bad ass action movie no doubt.

I’m still worried about the entire project, especially after bringing in a new director and knocking the release date around. The film was slated for end of this year, but is now coming at us early next year.

Today, we’ve got our first look at the film, with star Gerard Butler getting ready to lay into some poor soul with a gun.

He also mentions in an interview with Empire that this film is definitely tongue-in-cheek, which again might be going too far into left field.

The first film was over-the-top and bad ass, but it always felt like it was trying to be somewhat serious in tone, which helped the film become such a modern day action classic.

Now, they’re fully embracing the silliness, which could be bad.

Oh well.

Source : Empire


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