First Official Poster For The Cabin In The Woods

*EDIT* Apparently the poster was a fan made and Lionsgate has asked for it to be removed. We’ll keep you posted on whenever the REAL official poster hits!

I know, they already released a batch of posters for The Cabin in the Woods and they have been confirmed on the official Facebook page, but apparently this is considered the first “official” poster. I’m assuming they mean the first one to have the Lionsgate logo on it, which works for me.

I like this new poster mainly because it just advances this film getting released! Yesterday we brought you the first official image for the film and now today we have this new poster. I do prefer the original posters though, because I liked the taglines and simplicity of it all, but this one works just fine.

The Cabin in the Woods stars Chris Hemsworth, Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford and Jesse Williams. Look for it in theaters this October!

(via Igorslab)

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