First Look: ‘Come Play’ Trailer Looks Like My Kind Of Creepy

2020 might be a year for the record books for mostly negative reasons, but I can’t not highlight the fact that Halloween is on a Saturday, which means the horror movies will be fired up all weekend at my household. Well, who am I kidding — the horror flicks will most likely be playing all month.

What brings me a ton of joy is knowing that Amblin has a new horror film coming out titled Come Play, based on the short film Larry, both directed by Jacob Chase and starring Gillian Jacobs, John Gallagher Jr. and Azhy Robertson.

The trailer is all of the right kinds of creepy, giving us the plot rather quickly and actually showing us this strange creature in various shots. I credit the marketing team behind this one, not refraining from the reveal and instead getting it out of the way so they can spend the rest of their time scaring the living crap out of us.

This one looks like it’ll be scary for the whole family, possibly leaning a little too hard into the horror for the youngsters, yet settling on the PG-13 rating to ensure everyone in the house can give it a go.

Are you going to be checking out Come Play when it hits theaters this October?

Source : Bloody-Disgusting

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