Our First Look At Charlize Theron In ‘Fast 8’

Furious 7 might have seemed like the perfect way to end the saga, but Universal loves money and the fact that this franchise has grossed over a billion dollars is reason enough to assume that they will keep spinning the tires until they’ve squeezed every last penny out of us.

And that’s okay, as long as these films maintain that same quality that only dipped once since Fast Five (I’m talking about you fifty mile-long runway Fast & Furious 6).

It looks like the whole gang is coming back for Fast 8, which is currently shooting.

We’ve known for awhile that Charlize Theron will be playing the film’s main baddie, but we still don’t know if she’s a new villain entirely or a Shaw relative.

We do know that her name is Cipher and now we have our first look at her:

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