First Look At The Killer’s Mask From The Scream TV Reboot

We’re less than a month away from the June 30th premiere of MTV‘s small screen reboot of Scream, which means we should see a select few trickles of information until then, beginning with Entertainment Weekly‘s reveal of the re-imagined┬ámask of the iconic Ghostface killer.

I’m rather okay with this development, though it does kind of look like a mashup of the Ghostface mask, Jason‘s hockey mask, and a yawning Michael Myers. More importantly, to me at least, is that this mask has clearly been designed to even more closely represent the inspiration for the original mask: an 1893 Edvard Munch pastel entitled The Scream.

Skrik_1893Who knew slashers were such a learned and cultured territory? So, we’ve seen the mask. We know that the murders are sparked by a YouTube video going viral that probably shouldn’t have. And we know that these murders reveal some deep, dark secrets regarding the troubled past of the town of Lakewood. Neat, where’s my Scream 5?



Source : Entertainment Weekly

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