First Look at ‘Maniac’ Remake in Cannes Teaser Trailer

A lot of news has been coming out of the Cannes marketplace about the Alexandre Aja scripted-produced Maniac remake starring Elijah Wood.  Aja has found a lot of success with remakes since kicking his career off with High Tension.  Maniac is a weird film to remake, as Joe Spinell’s complete weirdness and Tom Savini’s insane f/x (including blowing his own head off point blank with a shotgun) were what made that film special.

I suppose if there is anyone that can break Spinell’s weirdness barrier, it would be Elijah Wood and the trailer certainly looks odd enough.  It also looks bloody and has an intentional 80’s look, although that could just be the low quality of the trailer.  I think the release of the stills and now this teaser has piqued a lot of interests, in the next week or so, hopefully we’ll have a lot of opinions on the film itself after it premieres at the festival, where I’m sure it will sell immediately.  Check out the footage for yourself and let us know what you thought in the comments below:

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