First Look At Bilbo From ‘The Hobbit’

With all this hoopla going around with the casting of certain people for The Hobbit we are getting our first images from the set. Entertainment Weekly has released three images, two of Bilbo and one of Gandalf. These pictures looks pretty awesome and it makes me get excited for any other news on The Hobbit.

Martin Freeman is starring as Bilbo as well as Ian McKellen as Gandalf. Peter Jackson on Ian McKellen in The Hobbit:

”He’s in fantastic form,” Peter Jackson says of McKellen. ”In a way, his role in The Hobbit has more technical difficulties than Lord of the Rings did, because he has scenes with 14 smaller characters — obviously the dwarves and the hobbit are shorter… I remember saying to him [laughs], ”Look, this isn’t Waiting for Godot or King Lear. This is The Hobbit. This is the real thing.’

Unfortunately we have to wait until December of 2012 to see it hit theaters. If you think we have it bad, check out Jackson’s comment on their filming schedule.

”There’s no way you can pace yourself for shoots like these,” Jackson says. ”When we were going through the schedule for The Hobbit, I felt a terrible drop in my stomach when I saw that we’d be shooting for 254 days. We’re only 12 days short of The Lord of the Rings even though we’re only doing two movies. When I saw that, I had to sort of pick myself up off the floor and carry on.”

Thanks to Devin over at B.A.D. for bringing these pictures to my attention.

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