First Iron Man 3 Trailer Takes Series In New Direction

I absolutely love this first trailer for Shane Black‘s Iron Man 3. It’s unlike the last two films and even The Avengers in tone. This one has not a single joke and instead focuses on the pain and hardships of Tony Stark’s (played by the usually energetic Robert Downey Jr.) post-Avengers life.

I like that Black gives us a darker and much more serious look at the world of Stark. Iron Man 1 and 2 director Jon Favreau managed to home the wit and humor of RDJ for the first films, but it got old real quick and Black’s change of pace proves that he is obviously the perfect choice for this third outing.

I know that this is just a debut trailer and more-so a teaser, but I’m thrilled. This is coming from someone that didn’t care for either Iron Man films all that much.

I still think Don Cheadle is a horrible replacement for Terrence Howard, but I’m naturally curious to see how The Mandarin (played by Ben Kingsley) translates to film. The voice might throw you off (much like Tom Hardy‘s Bane), but I dig it.

The trailer ends in a dark place and leaves you wanting more answers for the big questions raised and that’s exactly how it should be.

Iron Man 3 opens on May 3rd, 2013.

Watch the trailer below:

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