First French Trailer for Michael Haneke’s ‘Amour’

French madman Michael Haneke has made a career for himself making strange, shocking, and most often brilliant films.  From his classics like Funny Games and The Piano Teacher to his smaller masterpieces like Cache, he always seems to find the right notes.

His last film, The White Ribbon won the Palm D’Ore at Cannes a few years ago, so it’s fitting that he’s back this year with his latest film Amour.  The film is about an elderly couple whose love is tested when the wife suffers a stroke and it changes both of their lives dramatically.  The film marks the return of Isabelle Huppert after her performance in The Piano Teacher made her memorable to audiences worldwide.

Unfortunately, the trailer is in French, without subtitles, but you at least get a sense of what the film will be like, and whether you understand it or not, one thing is clear:  Haneke has made another interesting film, only time will tell if it blows audiences away or not.

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