First Few Minutes of ‘The Dictator’ Are Online

Even though Sacha Baron Cohen can’t seem to do anything without ruffling some feathers, he does it well, and his style of comedy is best suited for those that like the same thing as their friends.  His first big American film, Borat achieved cult status quickly when word of mouth spread about the film online, and one of the things that really boosted the film’s campaign was the release of the first 10 minutes of the movie online before it came out.

Similarly, while Bruno didn’t do near the business that Borat did, it still got a lot of business from undecided viewers convinced to see it by a friend’s recommendation.  I liked Bruno for what it was, but now, with The Dictator, Baron Cohen is back in his element, spoofing Saddam Hussein‘s allegorical novel of the same name while also pointing out how naive Americans often are, creating uncomfortable laughs for us all.  If you like Baron Cohen at all, and still aren’t convinced you need to see The Dictator, check out this footage and decide for yourself if you’ll be seeing it May 16th:

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