First Clip From ‘jOBS’, Starring Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs


Earlier this morning I discussed the release date of jOBS, the biopic on Apple founder Steve Jobs‘ life, starring Ashton Kutcher. I mentioned how I was a little hesitant about the casting of Kutcher as the iconic Jobs and now here I sit watching the first clip from the film.

The clip is very brief, but it does give us a taste for the dialogue. For example, this scene shows us Jobs (Kutcher) and Steve Wozniak (Josh Gad) chatting up operating systems and if the general audience is ready to purchase a computer. While I still can’t get over Kutcher’s pretty boy looks I must say that this particular clip is cut together nicely and gives the entire thing a sense of importance.

I never thought I’d give a damn about Facebook until The Social Network dropped and now we’ve got something willing to dig even deeper into the tech world of computers and operating systems and all of that good stuff.

Watch the first clip below and let me know if it comes off as boring or interesting:

Source : EW


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