First Clip from ‘Hatchet 3’

The third (and rumored to be last) film in the Hatchet franchise finished shooting in Louisiana back in July, and the film is being prepped for a release sometime in 2013.  Recently, FearNet had a “Films of Adam Green” retrospective on the channel, and during the marathon, they aired the first clip from the third installment.  A quick viewer managed to record it on a cell phone, and although the quality isn’t perfect, it’s a good look at a violent sequence in the film.  Take a peek for yourself:

For those that have followed the series (or Adam Green at all) you’ll notice his good friend Derek Mears is one of the SWAT officers, and his wife Rileah Vanderbilt plays yet another.  The film was written by series creator Adam Green, who stepped aside to let longtime camera operator BJ McDonnell direct the film.  However, it is still a Green production through and through, and this first clip shows us that.  As we creep into 2013, we can expect to see a lot more on the film, including a full trailer.

The film is said to center on the SWAT team moving in on Victor Crowley (played by a returning Kane Hodder once again) while Marybeth (Danielle Harris) discovers the secret that can end the voodoo curse that has been keeping Crowley alive the whole time.

Source : ShockTillYouDrop

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