‘Finding Nemo 2’ Is Now ‘Finding Dory’, Scheduled For Release In 2015


Andrew Stanton sort of shit the bed with Disney when his last film, John Carter, opened to low numbers and went on to be known as one of the biggest flops of 2012. I actually dug the hell out of the flick, but I can see why Disney might be a little hesitant to let him run with the ball on his own again this soon.

So their kicking him back to Finding Nemo land, which has now been changed from Finding Nemo 2 to Finding Dory. This is all fine and unsurprising, especially when you look at Pixar’s recent track record (Monsters Inc. sequel and many others).

I liked Finding Nemo, but I’ve never considered it the holy grail of animated films, so the idea of a Dory-led film doesn’t really stir me the wrong way. It doesn’t stir me in anyway if I’m being completely honest, but many on the web have already expressed their hatred for the character and general lack of interest for the sequel now that they know it follows Dory.

I’m still just drifting in the middle ground, not really caring about the project at all, but still excited to see Andrew Stanton get back on his feet, even if it’s with previously established material.

Finding Dory should be landing in cinemas on November 25th, 2015.

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