Final ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Solidifies The Excitement

I think DC/WB may have a winner on their hands with Patty JenkinsWonder Woman. Or else they just have a boat load of confidence for absolutely no reason, because this trailer marks the fifteen hundredth piece of promotion that I’ve seen for this film.

Look, I’m all for marketing and ramping up before release, but I feel like I’ve seen 35% of this movie already.

And it looks awesome…from the footage that they’ve shared.

Gal Gadot seems to be killing it as one of the original members of the Justice League. I’m looking forward to seeing how Jenkins captures the tone and emotion of the character and I’m hoping to see Gadot live up to those high expectations.

Also, Chris Pine in the DCU is something worth showing up for.

Do you feel that they’ve spoiled too much of Wonder Woman or is the marketing working? I know that they’ve got a lot of making up to do after Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, but my goodness are they showing no restraint.

*Also, that ending song SUCKKKKS*


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