Final Trailer For ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Promises Space Destruction

I very recently got around to revisiting J.J. AbramsStar Trek films and I must say that Into Darkness wasn’t nearly as bad as I originally remembered.

I’ll admit that most of that is due to the relationship between Kirk and Spock and how perfectly both Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are for the roles.

That brings us to the final trailer for Star Trek Beyond, which is directed by Justin Lin this time around, with Abrams staying on the film as a producer.

The early buzz for this film has been rather good and this final trailer definitely has my excited to see just what happens to the Enterprise and how Idris Elba is going to pull off that bad ass make-up.

Are you ready for this one or has Star Wars completely taken over as your go-to Star series of big budget action spectacle?

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