Final Trailer For ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ Promises A Heart-Pounding Ride

Paramount is kicking things into high gear, returning to cinemas with John Krasinski‘s highly-anticipated sequel A Quiet Place Part II, starring his wife Emily Blunt, alongside newcomers to the series, Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou.

Part II looks to expand the mythos created in A Quiet Place, which followed a family as they quietly (get it?) avoided altercations with others in fear of getting sniffed out and devoured by these alien creatures.

The sequel looks also to be a prequel, with footage taking place before the invasion, while also showing us follow-up events from the first film.

I’ve attached the final trailer up above and a “welcome back” featurette down below, which combined, makes for a one-two punch of let’s get your butt back into the cinema for a crowd-pleasing heart-pounding event film that is likely going to benefit from the big screen.

I enjoyed A Quiet Place and am definitely in need of a revisit before I check out the sequel, which you can bet I will be attending on opening night.

Will you be heading out to the cinemas for A Quiet Place Part II?

A Quiet Place Part II opens wide on May 28th.

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