Final Trailer For ‘Divergent’, Starring Shailene Woodley


With the success of the popular teen novels The Hunger Games comes the adaptation of the also widely popular series Divergent.

The big screen adaptation stars Shailene Woodley and also stars Kate Winslet and it’s coming right off of the heels of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

I’m not going to lie when I say that this film looks a little too familiar when compared to The Hunger Games, but I’m also going to say that both Woodley and Winslet are extremely talented and seeing them work together on-screen pretty much guarantees my ticket, despite the film looking like nothing more than a quick cash-in on a popular fad.

I have not read the books, which simply means that I will be going into this one cold, expecting little, but hoping for something.

Divergent looks like something that could go either way.

Will it flop or succeed come March 21st?

Check out the final theatrical trailer below:


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