Final ‘Skyfall’ Trailer is Online

The final trailer for the latest James Bond film is online, and it’s by far the best trailer for the film yet.  Not only do we get a better look at Javier Bardem as a terrorist maniac, we also get a good understanding of the plot of the film, which has been rather shadowed by past trailers.

Daniel Craig returns once again as the world’s favorite secret agent.  When precious information leaks out about his fellow MI-6 agents leading to their deaths, Bond is left for dead as the last 00 agent, but of course, he returns to wreak havoc on the terrorist responsible, played by Javier Bardem with blonde hair that makes him look absolutely insane, but also in line with the many classic Bond villains that have come before him.  Reviews coming out of early screenings are overwhelmingly positive, and with this trailer and its immaculate visuals, it’s no wonder why.  Roger Deakins has shot the film with his brilliant eye as always, and with the directorial genius of Sam Mendes guiding him, this will easily be the best looking Bond film yet, that much is plain to see.

Until November 9th, when the film opens in the US, this trailer will have to satisfy salivating fans who can’t wait to see more.

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