Final 4.5 Minute Trailer For The Master Promotes Unused Footage

Paul Thomas Anderson‘s The Master has already had its limited and expanded release and it should be playing somewhere near you. Usually, when films get released the promotion stops, because people have already seen the film or have made plans to do so. This makes this new 4 and-a-half minute trailer somewhat shocking, because it features footage not used in the film and extended footage from scenes in the film.

It keeps with the moody atmosphere and tone and it’s being released as a thank you from PTA and The Weinstein Company.

I’ve reviewed the film (which can be read right here) and while I didn’t love it, I certainly do appreciate certain things about it. The Master is something that will stir up conversation and debate and that’s great for modern cinema fans that are looking for more than just remakes and reboots.

I highly encourage that you seek out the film if it’s playing near you and I also suggest that you check out the final trailer below:

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