Film Composer James Horner Has Passed Away

Legendary and influential film composer James Horner has tragically passed away and it breaks my heart writing this post.

The man died doing what he loved, which wasn’t composing amazing pieces of work for films, but flying a plane that he spent lots of time with.

Horner will forever be known as one of the greats in my book, alongside guys like Hans Zimmer and Clint Mansell. His work spans decades, featuring classic titles like Aliens, Braveheart, Titanic and even more recent work like The Amazing Spider-Man.

Horner’s scores wouldn’t just be well-composed pieces of music, but material that elevated the entire film to new levels. That’s not something that any man could do, yet Horner did it often and with class and ease.

I always hate writing about deaths, but I take comfort in knowing that Horner has left behind a legacy that will definitely leave an impact on many for years to come. His contributions to films and more importantly score composing was important and moving and the kind of stuff that got people reading into the credits of their favorite films, looking to see who helped create the magical music behind it all.

We’ll miss you very much James, but we’ll never forget you.


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