Female Version Of The Expendables Is Coming

The Expendables 2 should be closing up this weekend on top with numbers that are close to the original film’s launch. This means that Lionsgate will be starting their search for more B-movie stars for the eventual sequel.

What this also means is that producer Adi Shankar will be working on a female version of the same concept. Shankar recently produced The Grey and the upcoming Killing Them Softly.

Talks have already begun according to Variety, so expect some sort of casting list to appear soon.

I think the whole idea sounds ridiculous, but that’s kind of the point, right? The Expendables is far from a good movie and while the sequel is better it still has its fair share of problems. A female driven film might be good from a marketing standpoint, because now you’ll have the guys going to see their favorite actresses blow shit up, plus the ladies will have someone to root for.

I’d love to see Gina Carano grace the screen or perhaps Anne Hathaway and Michelle Rodriguez.

Which female actresses would be on your wish list?

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