Feast Your Eyes On Some New ‘Wonder Woman’ Images

There are two movies that DC and WB are placing all of their bets on in terms of washing away the negative buzz from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The first movie comes out next month, which is David Ayer‘s anti-hero Suicide Squad, which will give us a darkly comedic look at the bad guys (and gals) of the DC universe.

The second film is Patty JenkinsWonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot.

Most adored Gadot’s Wonder Woman appearance in BvS and cited her as one of the film’s only shining moments, which bodes well for the character, but also puts an extreme amount of pressure on WB/DC.

Can they nail their first female-driven superhero film and can they make-up for some of the mess that spawned from Batman v Superman?

I’ll be honest in saying that I dug BvS and I actually wasn’t as impressed with Gadot’s performance as the rest of the world, but I am excited to see Wonder Woman and I’m hoping for the best.


Source : EW

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