Fantastic Four & Daredevil Reboot Updates

With the rapid success of The Avengers and even The Amazing Spider-Man, most big studios have been starting to take another look at their Marvel properties. Fox is currently working on an X-Men: First Class sequel, plus another try at a solo Wolverine movie. What they haven’t been all that focused on is their rights to Daredevil and Fantastic Four.

The rights will be reverting back to Marvel if Fox doesn’t do something about it, so they’ve went ahead and hired director Josh Trank (Chronicle) for the Fantastic Four reboot, while getting rid of director David Slade for their Daredevil reboot.

I still think Trank is a bad choice for Fantastic Four, but at the same time I really don’t even want to see another Fantastic Four. I do hope that whoever they get to do Daredevil actually understands the character and can possibly even stick with some of the darker material that was sort of present in the previously released Director’s Cut of the Ben Affleck starring film.

Maybe it would be better if they just let Marvel takeover?

(via CHUD)

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